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CPD Policy

Continuing Professional Development Policy (FPS004)

The Hamilton Wealth Partners (HWP) continuing professional development (CPD) policy is in accordance with FASEA FPS004 requirements.

  • HWP policy approach to CPD is to ensure all advisers (and staff in general) know and understand their responsibility to meet the required standard, and amount, of CPD activity during each CPD reporting period. Whilst the License tracks all CPD activity the staff are encouraged to also retain copies of their CPD activity for their own records.

  • HWP will approve activities which are offered by reputable organisations which structure their training and professional education to meet the FASEA requirements.

  • Unstructured activities are restricted in accordance with FASESA recommendations and recorded accordingly.

  • CPD plans are prepared in accordance with FASEA expectations for each advisor and discussed accordingly.
  • All CPD activities are provided by Organisations and/or individuals considered appropriate to be delivering such activities.

  • Training for Financial advisers who have recently completed their Professional Year will also be adjusted accordingly to ensure they have a rounded CPD program which compliments study taken to date.

  • Part Time advisers are expected to meet the requirement determined as by FASEA from time to time to meet the required CPD expectation.

  • All evidence of CPD activities is lodged with the responsible Compliance member or nominated deputy for confirmation of the completion of the activity, the attendant CPD hours and entry to the record.

  • All records are to be kept for 7 years however records older than 2 years may be kept in an appropriate storage facility offsite.

  • The CPD records are reviewed quarterly and formally audited for any shortfall at the end of the third quarter of the relevant CPD year and the advisers are notified of any short fall to ensure they meet their CPD requirements prior to the end of the CPD year.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss the policy in further detail.

27 March 2019