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Our Investment Philosophy

At Hamilton Wealth Partners, we believe that sound wealth management is based on a proven process, following a clearly understood philosophy and underpinned by a strong methodology.

Our Philosophy is one of Active Investment Management built around balance and diversification, which reduces portfolio volatility and ultimately manages and reduces risk.

We believe that pro-active wealth management will provide our clients with:

  • Capital preservation
  • Capital growth
  • Long-term, after tax, inflation adjusted income

Our Philosophy to portfolio construction is to build investment portfolios which ‘bend but don’t break’, based on our view that long term outperformance is derived from selecting “value” managers who run active, relatively concentrated portfolios.

Our strong belief in conviction-style management is built around our philosophy of portfolio construction focussing on total after-fee returns as opposed to index-like returns and management style.

We believe the concept of passive index investing, especially in an Australian context, is flawed and cannot produce superior, risk-adjusted returns that our clients deserve.

At Hamilton Wealth Partners, we look for equity managers that have a business investment approach to investing in stocks. We believe that investing in the right business will provide greater returns in the medium-to-long term, regardless of where a company is in the equity market cycle.

We believe that cash is a vital component of a conviction-style management and that an allocation to cash as an asset class is appropriate when suitable value opportunities are not available. Naive diversification is dangerous.

Underpinning our philosophy is a commitment to responsible investmentments not because our clients request this but because we believe it’s the responsible thing to do and leads to superior long-term returns.

Our wealth service partners across the accounting, legal and insurance sectors share our philosophy and together we believe this ensures that your wealth is both protected and will grow.